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Create Google Calendar appointments with your voice. converts your spoken words into Google Calendar appointments - all with a simple phone call.
Event Pro
for Salesforce uses voice-to-text input to help streamline your sales force operations.
Get Amazon search results and check prices with your voice. Jott will take your verbal product search and return results in your email.
Post your Twitter updates with your voice and a simple phone call.
Update your Facebook status with your voice and a simple phone call.
Add to-dos to your Remember the Milk account with your voice and a simple phone call.
Update your Blogger blog from the road with your voice and a simple phone call.
Update your WordPress blog from the road with your voice and a simple phone call.


Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia  - "Being a one person office, having our attendees select their own seats is like having an extra person helping put the event together...Having a third party take care of this means the payments have come in faster. There have been years in the past, where we were still chasing money 8 months after the event..." MORE TESTIMONIALS
Gwen Atkinson, Manager, Fund Development, Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia

Atlantic Business Magazine  - "Takes all the pressure off our staff, no administrative nightmares. The whole package is beneficial; you can go on line at any time and monitor sales...Count us in for next year..."
Edwina Hutton, Chief Operating Officer, Atlantic Business Magazine

How does it work?

You just call us at Registration Solutions, and we would setup a website for your event. You and your clients/participants of your event would not have to bother about registration location and updates as everything can be done virtually.Learn more.

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