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On-Line Conference Registration

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Registration Solutions works with you to design custom on-line registration forms
Registration information is handled directly through our secure web site with links
from your web page making for a seamless interface.
Every registration receives an immediate confirmation of their registration once submitted. You can monitor registrations through an on-line facility giving you ready access to the status of registrations

Registration Details

The database tracks registrants individual selections.
Manage multiple concurrent workshops
Capture presentations and abstracts
Keep track of who signs up for a variety of social events.
Spouse’s programs tracked separately.
Personalized itineraries.

Financial Management

Visa™, MasterCard™, and AMEX™ payments accepted through our secure on-line facilities. Invoices and receipts generated.
Track all payments and financial transactions of each registrant.
Consolidated reports provided to you so you can be aware of the larger financial picture.

Courteous On-Site Registration Staff

Registration Solutions will provide trained, efficient and courteous staff on site to welcome those who have pre-registered or to offer computerized registration services on-site to those who are “walk-in” registrants.

Customized Names Badges

Registration Solutions will prepare customized names badges for the event. The design, colour and content will be done in consultation with the message you wish to convey.

Consolidated Reports throughout the Registration Process

Registration Solutions will provide a predetermined number of consolidated reports for you
at specified intervals throughout the registration process.
These can be tailored to best assist you in the ongoing organizing activities.

Post Event Reports and Financial Reconciliation

Registration Solutions will provide professionally prepared financial reconciliations and
consolidated event reports. These can be provided in the format most
useful to you.

Visit Our Resume for examples of conference registration pages.